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Turangga Resources own an integrated coal supply chain infrastructure which consist of Coal Processing Plant (CPP) & washing plant, coal laboratory, integrated loading port, all-season intermediate port, also the one and only Floating Loading Facility (FLF) which has blending capabilities in South Kalimantan called FLF Samasta Ningrum. These sophisticated yet dependable integrated facilities enable us to provide sustainable coal supplies.

Coal Processing Plant (CPP)

A Coal Processing Plant (CPP) is a facility that processes raw coals into finished coal products that meet customers’ needs and requirements. Our facility has an excellent system and technology to prevent coal contaminants.

Washing Plant

As a commitment in providing the best quality products to our customers, Turangga Resources owns a high quality coal washing plant.

Hauling Road

Supporting coal transportation from mine areas to ports, hauling roads are one of the very important facilities in coal mining supply chain activities. 

These roads are essential for the users—Turangga Resources’ subsidiaries ABB, SMM and TOP—that are located in Central Kalimantan. We are committed to provide the best service for hauling road users in terms of infrastructure and safety.

Port Facilities

To support activities in mine production, particularly those located in Central Kalimantan, we have our own integrated port facilities.

Port Paring Lahung
Paring Lahung Port located at Barito River, Murung Raya Regency, Central Kalimantan. It plays an important role in the Turangga Resources coal supply chain in Central Kalimantan (ABB, SMM and TOP). The port has three Barge Loading Conveyors (BLC) with a capacity of 60,000 tons per day (TPD) each, making up the stockpile’s estimated capacity up to three Mio tons. A conveyor system, a metal detector and catcher, an automatic coal sampler and also a coal laboratory are incorporated within the port to ensure the customers receive our best quality coal.

Port Teluk Timbau
Teluk Timbau Port functions as an intermediate stockpile with a capacity of 2.3 Mio tons. The port also incorporates a conveyor system, a metal detector and catcher, an automatic coal sampler and a coal laboratory accredited with ISO 17025:2017.

Coal Laboratory

Each mining concession of Turangga Resources is equipped with a laboratory facility. Also, to support quality assurance activities before our coal products reach the customers, we own a central laboratory located in Teluk Timbau, Central Kalimantan. Established in 2016, this laboratory supports the quality control process within the stockpile and during out loading in Paring Lahung and Teluk Timbau. Its activities are aligned with international standards and accredited with ISO 17025:2017.

Floating Loading Facilities

Floating Loading Facility (FLF) is a facility used for coal blending in the middle of the sea. Located in Taboneo Sea, South Kalimantan, this FLF has a loading rate of 20,000 tons per day (TPD). One of its best features is the use of an autonomous system in coal blending. In addition to that, an uninterrupted contaminant conveyor is used to filter out contaminants. These are the proofs of our commitment to providing the best quality products to customers.

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